Freelance Factoring

You are the boss.

Ride, code, manage, build, create. Do what you do best. We will take care of your invoices and cashflow. Care free Entrepreneurship we call it.

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€ 1.612,00INV-001418-12-2020Johan Cruijff Arena€ 8.264,00INV-001311-12-2020ADE€ 871,15INV-001209-12-2020Flink€ 10.115,87INV-001102-12-2020Security Croud€ 1.815,00INV-001027-11-2020Lowlands€ 858,14INV-000921-10-2020Concert at SeaINV-0008€ 2.728,2718-10-2020Heyne GmbH I n v oi c esNew invoiceJohan Cruijff ArenaInvoiceDescriptionAmountServices delivered€ 1.000,0023-12-2020Submit invoice Create invoice

No risk. No sweat.

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    Get started today. Sign up your business and your debtor. Within one working day, you will receive a competitive quote from us.

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    Upload or create your invoice with our online portal. Once approved, your invoice will be paid into your bank account within one working day.

  • Relax

    We got you covered. Your invoice is credit insured and we will do credit management. In other words: you are done. Start relaxing!

How does it work?

  • You
  • Debtor

You keep working for your debtor, delivering your beautiful goods or services. Make sure you have a contract with your debtor, or a proof of delivery. In the end, you remain responsible for delivering proper goods or services.

After you finish your work, instead of sending your invoice to your debtor, you upload it to the Finqle platform. We will then buy it from you, and we will send it to your debtor. Make sure that the invoice fits our requirements!

Once we approve your invoice for purchase, we will pay it straight into your IBAN within one working day. We will then make sure the debtor pays the invoice into our bank account within the agreed payment period.

Many preceded you. Please read what our clients say about us.

I can really thank Finqle for allowing me not only to say yes to new clients and not be afraid of the payment term but to work with confidence knowing I don't have to wait another 3 months in order to be paid.
Dolores Velasquez
Owner - Horus Enterprises
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Why Finqle?

An application like no other in the market. The best of all worlds combined.

 Finqle factoring(Micro) creditCredit insurance
Cash at hand
Flexible contract
Transparant pricing
Credit insurance
Credit management

Freelance factoring pricing

We buy 100% of your invoice minus our factor fee. No hidden costs or settlements afterwards.

Factoring fee
Per invoiceDepending on payment term and invoice volume
Calculation example
Your invoice€ 1.000,00
Factor fee (2%)- € 20,00
VAT over factor fee (21%)- € 4,20
Paid directly into your account:€ 975,80

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